Thousands of penguins die – level 3

30-08-2023 07:00

A recent study reveals that the loss of ice in a specific area of Antarctica led to the death of emperor penguin chicks in four colonies.

Satellite imagery indicated that the ice had disappeared in December, during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, resulting in around 9,000 chicks not surviving. The researchers found that climate change will increase the frequency of such ice losses in the future. Overall, the ice levels around Antarctica hit record lows last year. The study’s co-author Peter Fretwell states that nearly 30% of known penguin colonies were affected by low sea-ice levels, and approximately 13 colonies likely failed due to these conditions.

Concerns arise about the penguins’ ability to find suitable breeding sites in the face of ongoing climate change.

Difficult words: colony (a group of animals or birds), frequency (how often something occurs), entirely (completely).

You can watch the video news lower on this page.

What can be done to help prevent future losses of emperor penguin chicks due to declining sea-ice levels?


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