Train at Your Door – level 3

02-03-2023 15:00

UK commuters frequently use trains, and living as close as they could to a train station could be likened to the “Holy Grail,” but it would not be comfortable.

In Hanoi, Vietnam, there is a train that passes right by people’s front doors. At 4 pm and 7 pm every day, the train swiftly comes down the street. The people there have to retreat into their homes to avoid accidents.

In most places, this train would probably not get the nod due to safety reasons, in addition to the lack of peace that would come from a train passing almost inside your house every day.

Difficult words: commuter (a person who travels to work), likened (similar), Holy Grail (something very wanted by people), retreat (move back), get the nod (get permission to do something).

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