Trophies are stolen – level 3

28-01-2015 07:00

CCTV has been released showing the moment thieves smashed through the doors of a Formula One team Red Bull Racing factory to steal 60 trophies.

Six men wearing balaclavas can be seen getting out of a 4×4 they used to reverse into the entrance at the factory in Milton Keynes on December 6th.

Armed with shovels and sledgehammers, the men grabbed trophies from the cabinet shelves before making a run for it. Thames Valley Police have said around 20 of the trophies were recovered after a member of the public spotted them dumped in a lake in Berkshire.

Red Bull staff were said to have been absolutely devastated by the theft of the trophies following years of work.

“It was a pointless crime. The value of which, you know, these trophies is minimal in terms of raw material, but the emotional value is huge, and it’d be great to see those trophies back in their rightful home here in Milton Keynes.”

Police are now appealing for anyone with information to contact them or Crime Stoppers.

Difficult words: smash (break), balaclava (type of clothing which covers your head and most of your face), 4×4 (a car that uses all four wheels to drive and so it can go many places), shovel (a tool for moving earth), sledgehammer (a large, heavy hammer), grab (to take quickly), make a run for it (to run away quickly), spot (to see), dump (to throw away), minimal (very small), in terms of (regarding/speaking of), emotional value (how important something is), Crime Stoppers (an organisation which helps stop crime).



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