UK Nail Salon Slaves – level 3

15-01-2018 15:00

In Bath, England, a nail salon used slaves to sell treatments for cheap to customers. The slaves were young Vietnamese women trafficked through the Midlands and South West.

The women were not paid and the slave owners made them sleep in a small loft that was above the salon.

Police found that three people were guilty of the slavery after they found a missing 16-year-old worker. The police discovered their illegal earnings hidden inside of a stuffed toy. These three people went to jail for a total of nine years for violating the Modern Slavery Act.

The UK’s anti-slavery commissioner said that nail bars need licenses to prevent this from happening.

Difficult words: traffic (send things and people illegally from one place to another), violate (not follow a law or a rule), commissioner (a person in charge of something complex for a government), nail bar (nail salon).

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