Ultra Football Club – level 3

18-05-18 07:00

People know Rome for its history, culture, football passion, and also dangerous fanatics. The Ultra following of football club AS Roma is a group of organised gangs with choreographed violence.

Ultra started in the 1960s and 1970s as people who wanted to form paramilitary groups with military titles such as ‘guerrilla’ or ‘commando’. They became fierce rivals of another football club, Latzio, with who they share a football stadium.

While most football groups are apolitical, in the 1980s, Ultra shifted to neo-fascist ideas with remembering Italy’s far-right past and Benito Mussolini. They began attacking foreigners of other football clubs with stabbings in the buttocks to humiliate rather than kill victims.

While most officials in Italy feel that Ultra has little influence in Rome, dealing with this problem will continue.

Difficult words: fanatic (a person who is intensely interested in something), choreograph (plan, organise), paramilitary (people who create their own military groups), guerrilla (a fighter in a small group of fighters), commando (a soldier who has training to do raids), apolitical (without politics), neo-fascist (extreme nationalism and certain political ideas that exist after WWII).

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