Unsafe Discount Drugs – level 3

29-11-2019 07:00

Dollar Tree is a discount store that sells products at around $1.00, including medicines and drugs. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that some of these over-the-counter drugs were not made according to safety laws.

The FDA said that it found that Dollar Tree recently received “adulterated drugs” from foreign product makers, and the drugs may be unsafe. These are drugs with the name “Assured Brand.”

The FDA said that Dollar Tree is selling drugs from product makers that have safety violations against them. These are for reasons such as they did not test their raw products or their finished drugs.

Dollar Tree responded that it wants to keep its customers safe, and it does test products that come from other places. The FDA told Dollar Tree that it needs to start a new system to ensure safety.

Difficult words: over-the-counter (medicines or drugs that you can buy without a doctor’s prescription), adulterated (impure, not clean), violation (a crime, an offense).

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