Unusual Car – level 3

03-03-2020 07:00

Police in Moscow, Russia, seized a custom-built replica of the Batmobile. According to Russia state news, police noticed the car parked on a major street in central Moscow.

Russian officials said that the vehicle exceeded acceptable norms. The 13-feet wide and 20-feet long vehicle was too big to be allowed on public roads.

The driver was not around, and officers called a special towing service to deal with the vehicle. The towing service thoughtfully wrapped it in plastic to avoid scratching it.

The police said that the car was assembled illegally in a private workshop, and it was never legally registered. The unnamed 32-year-old driver will be charged for violating public laws.

Difficult words: seize (to take hold of something), replica (an exact copy), exceed acceptable norms (to be bigger than is allowed).

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