US Government Shutdown – level 3

18-01-2019 07:00

The US partial government shutdown started on December 22, 2018, and as of Sunday, it has gone 22 days, making it the longest funding gap ever. Previously, the longest US shutdown was 21 days.

President Trump and the Democrats are stuck over building a wall between the US and Mexico. President Trump wants $5.7 billion so people can build over 200 miles of a wall or a fence between the two countries. The Democrats disagree and think that money for a wall will not fix the issues at the border with one saying that there are other ways to make the border safer.

The lengthy government shutdown means that around 800,000 government workers are furloughed or are working without pay while the disagreement continues.

Difficult words: government shutdown (when non-essential offices of the government close because leaders cannot agree on the budget for the country for the upcoming year), funding gap (when things are not paid for a long time), furlough (when someone cannot go to work because he or she will not be paid).

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