US-Mexico Tunnel – level 3

04-02-2020 07:00

US authorities have announced that they found the longest ever tunnel on the southwest border between the US and Mexico. The .8 miles long tunnel begins in an industrial area in Tijuana, Mexico, and it links Tijuana with San Diego, California.

A US Border Patrol agent, Aaron Heitke, said that the discovery was made by the US with a combination of a lot of intelligence gathering and technologies. The tunnel includes an extensive rail system, air ventilation, electrical cables, an elevator and a complex drainage system. Heitke also said that any drug could be smuggled, and that this particular tunnel shows the efforts that criminal organizations are able to undertake.

No arrests were made, and no drugs were found on the site, but US officials say that an investigation in underway.

Difficult words: drainage (taking water away from somewhere into the ground), smuggle (to illegally take things or people to or from a place), undertake (to do or begin to do something, especially something that takes a lot of time).

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