USA and Venezuela – level 3

08-02-2019 07:00

The US is challenging the lawfulness of Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro, and the US sanctioned Venezuela’s state-run oil company.

This is in an effort to shift money over to Juan Gaido, the opposition leader. Maduro is ignoring the world’s requests for him to cede power to Gaido.

President Trump asked Elliott Abrams to lead the country’s response to the crisis. In the 1980s, Abrams wanted to overthrow Nicaragua’s government which means that he might want to try to overthrow Maduro. The hope is to get Venezuela’s military to switch sides from Maduro because the military would not fight the US.

However, this can be a problem, as people may not support Gaido if they see the US trying to force a change in Venezuela.

Difficult words: sanction (penalise), cede (give something up), overthrow (take over by force).

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