Walk over Volcano – level 3

10-03-2020 07:00

American daredevil and high wire artist Nik Wallenda accomplished his highest and longest high wire walk when he took a walk right over the top of an active volcano.

On Wednesday, Wallenda walked 1,800 feet on a one-inch wide wire over the Masaya volcano in Nicaragua.

It took Wallenda 31 minutes to make the dangerous crossing high above the hot liquid magma. During the stunt, he wore an oxygen mask for protection from the toxic fumes.

His stunt was broadcasted live, and some viewers were disappointed when they realized that Wallenda was wearing a safety harness.

In 2012, Wallenda fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming the first person to walk a wire directly over the Niagara Falls. One year later, he walked over the Grand Canyon.

Difficult words: daredevil (a person who enjoys doing dangerous things), high wire artist (a person who performs stunt on a thin wire or rope that is stretched high above the ground), magma (lava when it is not out of a volcano), safety harness (a piece of equipment with straps and belts that is used to protect a person from falling).

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