Woman Astronaut – level 3

12-02-2020 15:00

A US astronaut, Christina Koch, spent 328 days in space which is a record for a female astronaut. She completed her mission, landing in a remote area of Kazakhstan.

Her time in space allows researchers to study the effects of a long-term spaceflight on the female body. NASA said that the findings will help the agency during its future missions to the moon and Mars.

Koch concluded six space walks and she helped the International Space Station with more than 100 experiments. She studied how plants grow or how fire reacts in space. She also helped install a 3D printer that prints organ-like tissues. The experiments will help NASA study human viability outside Earth.

Difficult words: remote (distant), organ-like tissues (a group of cells that form a part similar to a human organ), viability (ability to survive or live successfully).

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