Work on Big Ben – level 3

29-03-2019 15:00

Big Ben is the UK’s most iconic symbol. Since 2017, the Elizabeth Tower and the distinctive sound of Big Ben (the bell inside) have been undergoing renovation.

The structure is 160 years old and has needed maintenance work throughout its lifetime. For many years, people always painted the hands and numbers of the clock black, but last Thursday, the workers revealed the clock’s original colour of Prussian blue. The new surfaces are made from stones, silver, gold and glass.

The renovation work, which will continue until 2021, will also redo the roof and see that the stone inside is protected from water. The work is far from finished, but this week gave people an idea of what the tower will look like when all is finished.

Difficult words: distinctive (typical), renovation (the work to make something old work well again), maintenance work (work to keep something working well).

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