World’s Biggest Reactor – level 1

04-08-2020 07:00

There is a team of scientists from all over the world. They start to build a nuclear reactor. The reactor is very special. It is the biggest reactor in the world. It weighs 23,000 tons. It is in southern France.

Atoms crash with each other in the reactor. This makes a lot of energy. A similar thing happens on the sun. Scientists believe that they can make cheap, clean, and safe electricity. It is good for the future of people.

However, the work is just starting. Scientists do not know how well the reactor will work. It will take ten years to test it. It must work perfectly. After 2035, the reactor can start making energy for people.

Difficult words: nuclear reactor (a place where scientists make atoms crash to make energy), energy (the thing that helps other things run), atom (the smallest part of a thing), electricity (energy that people use as power for machines).

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