Fox in a dishwasher – level 3

Fox in a dishwasher – level 3

17-06-2016 07:00

Plates? Check. Spoons? Check. Fox? Wait... fox? That's what this London vet found when he went to change the dishwasher.

A fox cub, presumably looking for food, had got himself stuck in the appliance and, luckily for him, the house belonged to a vet. Simon Hayes was getting on with household jobs when he saw the fox cub wedged behind the dish trolley.

With his years of experience as a vet, Simon could tell that the fox was just a few months old and seemed to be very scared. He removed the dishwasher's bottom trolley and, after some persuasion with a sweeping brush, the frightened animal crept out and made a dash for the garden.

The vet said after the fox escaped he was spotted back with his mother.

Difficult words: cub (a baby animal such as a fox), wedged (stuck), persuasion (persuading somebody – telling them to do something), creep (move slowly and carefully), make a dash (run somewhere suddenly and fast), spot (see).


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