Australia’s Fires – level 3

03-01-2020 07:00

In Australia, about 100 fires continue to burn; about 7.5 million acres have been scorched so far.

In the state of Victoria, tens of thousands of residents had to evacuate due to the fires. However, officials told residents who live in remote places that it was too late to leave, so they should take shelter indoors.

11 people have died in these fires. One volunteer firefighter died during a fire and two were injured when high winds rolled their truck.

Hundreds of thousands of people signed a petition to cancel Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks show. They want to use the $4.5 million for the show to help firefighters or the people affected by the fires. The Australian Prime Minister said that he will not cancel the show.

Difficult words: scorch (to burn), remote (far away from cities or other places), sign a petition (to sign a document that asks the government to change something).

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