Big Insect Problem – level 1

17-01-2022 15:00

Insects are small animals like ants, bees, bugs or flies. They are very important. Many animals eat them. If there are no insects, bigger animals have nothing to eat.

Insects also pollinate flowers. Without insects, plants cannot exist. Also, people cannot grow crops without insects.

There is a new study. It is shocking. It says that insects are dying. There are 2.5 less insects every year. In 10 years, there can be 25% less insects. This would be very bad.

People do not know why this is happening. However, they think that it is because the planet is getting warmer. Also, people use chemicals in farming. That can be a problem for the insects, too.

Difficult words: pollinate (to move from plant to plant so that the plant can make new plants), crops (a type of plant which people grow for food).

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