Birds of prey take down drones – level 3

21-08-2023 15:00

People know that wild hawks may snatch drones in mid-flight, as they mistake them for smaller birds, and it was those incidents which led researchers to assume that birds of prey could be trained to take down rogue aircraft.

The Dutch National Police have taken up this challenge and are running a pilot project. There have been both success as well as setbacks. There were a few instances when the birds were hurt by the turning blades on the drones, and people requested more research to make sure that they animals would come to no harm.

After the research, the Dutch Police will decide whether or not to deploy a fleet of drone-hunting eagles.

Difficult words: hawk and eagle (birds of prey – bigger birds which catch other animals), snatch (grab quickly), rogue (bad), setback (a problem), fleet (a group).

You can watch the video news lower on this page.

What safety measures must be taken to protect the eagles being trained to take down rogue aircraft?


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