California’s Worst Fires Ever – level 3

15-02-2019 15:00

Last November in California, there were several deadly wildfires that are now the most expensive in the state’s history. The insurance claims from the fires are at $11.4 billion.

Just one of the fires in Paradise, California, killed the most people and destroyed the most buildings in California’s history. It killed 86 people, destroyed about 19,000 buildings, and it burnt about 153,000 acres of land.

California’s insurance commissioner said that there are 46,000 claims from the other Californian wildfires, which completely destroyed 13,000 homes and businesses.

The largest electric company in California is the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. In 2017, people say that the wind and its electric wiring may have started large fires, and the company has to pay a lot of money to fix the problems. In 2018, people say that its wiring starts some of the fires again. The company filed for bankruptcy.

Difficult words: insurance claim (you pay money to an insurance company to get money in case an accident or a disaster happens to something that you own; an insurance claim is when you ask for that money such as after a fire or a flood), insurance commissioner (the person in charge of the insurance for the people in state), bankruptcy (when a company says that it is running out of money and must stop the business).

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