China Hospitals – level 3

05-02-2020 15:00

The city of Wuhan, China, is continuing with the construction of two new coronavirus hospitals.

According to China state TV, 40% of the work on Leishenshan Hospital has been completed. The hospital will have 1,600 beds, and it is set to be finished on 5th February, as planned. The work at the other site, Houshenshan Hospital, is due to be completed on 2nd February. Thousands of doctors and nurses moved to Wuhan to fight the virus epidemic. Medical personnel are working constantly to treat patients who came into contact with the virus. The World Health Organization has officially declared the coronavirus outbreak a global emergency. The emergency committee almost unanimously concluded that the outbreak is a public health emergency of international concern.

Meanwhile, China claims that it has cured five patients infected with the virus.

Difficult words: outbreak (a sudden start of something), unanimously (with the agreement of all people in a group), concern (a matter of interest).

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