Cleaner Air – level 3

28-04-2020 07:00

Scientists have recorded drops in air pollution and increased animal activity caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Satellite images show lower levels of nitrogen dioxide, the gas produced by burning fossil fuels for human transportation and animal production. According to NASA, the levels of nitrogen dioxide recorded in the region between Washington and Boston are about 30% lower than average. Across the Atlantic, the European Space Agency has recorded a 45% decline of the gas in Madrid, Milan, and Rome, and a 54% decline in Paris.

Animals are taking advantage of the limited human activity, and they have started roaming empty streets and waterways. Kangaroos have been spotted in city streets in Australia, and herds of goats have been seen at crosswalks in Wales.

Scientists say that more data needs to be collected to see the full impact that the recent decline in human activity will have on the planet.

Difficult words: fossil fuels (the gas, coal, and oil that were formed underground from plant and animal remains), decline (to decrease), roam (to go from place to place without purpose or direction).

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