Coronavirus and Vaccine – level 3

04-05-2020 15:00

Scientists at the University of Oxford, UK, say that a possible vaccine for COVID-19 could be ready in September, which is months earlier than was originally planned.

Researchers are hoping to get emergency approval from regulators, which would allow them to make millions of vaccines by the fall.

Oxford vaccines, that were effective over the last year, involved trials on macaque monkeys. Oxford scientists hope to conduct thousands of clinical trials in the coming weeks; however, scientists are not sure that humans have the same immunity as monkeys.

Sometimes it takes years to develop a vaccine and to make it available for patients. In case of a vaccine for COVID-19, health officials have suggested that it could take between 12 to 18 months

Difficult words: regulator (a person who controls an activity or process), conduct (to carry out), clinical trial (research in which people volunteer to test new drugs or treatments).

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