Dangerous Insect – level 3

29-01-2020 15:00

East Africa is experiencing the worst locust invasion in the last 25 years. Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are among the most affected countries.

The insects are roughly the length of a finger, and a single swarm can measure 60 kilometers long to 40 kilometers wide. It can contain up to 150 million locusts per square kilometer, and an adult locust can eat its entire body weight every day.

In a day, a swarm can destroy crops that could feed 2,500 people. The insects are causing enormous crop damage and are seriously threatening livelihood and food security in the area.

In Kenya, there are disagreements over how to deal with the invasion. A Ministry of Agriculture official said that it is impractically impossible to control billions of insects by spraying chemicals on them. However, the Ministry of Agriculture Secretary said that the government is in control of the situation.

Difficult words: locust (a large insect that flies in groups and destroys plants and crops), swarm (a large group of flying insects), livelihood (the way that people earn money to pay for food, living, clothes, and other important things).

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