Filipino Volcano Erupts – level 3

02-02-2018 15:00

In the Philippines, there were billows of smoke and ash coming out from Mount Mayon, so the country issued a level four alert, which meant that a moderate eruption would happen.  Once the volcano erupted, red-hot lava spewed out and reached up past 700 metres.

Over 40,000 villagers evacuated to shelters. One woman said that she heard people screaming and she looked out at the volcano, where she saw thick smoke coming down. She said that everyone was shouting and looking for their children to be able to evacuate.

The volcano has erupted 47 times and caused deadly mud flows and ash falls.

Difficult words: billow (a large mass of something, such as a cloud or smoke), spew out (fly out into the air), shelter (a safe place), mud flow (a landslide), ash fall (when ash falls down and makes it difficult for people to breathe).

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