Genetic tests – level 1

06-01-2023 07:00

Every person has a genetic code. A code is a list of letters. The genetic code is inside your body. It tells your body and brain how to grow.

Every genetic code has three billion letters. They are in a specific order. Sometimes, the order of the letters changes. This change is called a variation.

Scientists study these variations. People in one family can have similar variations. This situation tells us if someone is our relative.

Genetic test companies read the genetic code. They do it for different reasons. For example, an adopted child wants to find his or her parents. Sometimes, parents want to know if their baby will be healthy. Also, a person can learn if they will have a disease. For these reasons, genetic tests change people’s lives.

Difficult words: order (how things follow one another), relative (a person who belongs to the same family), adopted (when someone takes someone else’s child and cares for him or her).

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