Greece Gets Tourists – level 3

13-04-2020 07:00

In the time when global tourism has slowed down, Greece has found a way for people to enjoy what it has to offer. The Greek Tourism Ministry launched a virtual introduction to Greece, its people, and culture.

The site features videos and content from Greek celebrities, athletes, and more. The site also partners with the learning series Grow with Google, and it provides free training on digital marketing skills through the website.

In 2019, Greece earned more than $19 billion from tourism. Currently, airlines are struggling because of reduced travel, and people and places that depend on tourism are already seeing the effects.

It is not clear when the coronavirus pandemic will slow down; however, virtual tourism could entice tourists to visit when travel restrictions end.

Difficult words: feature (to include something as an important part), struggle (to have difficulties), entice (to attract).

You can watch the video news lower on this page.