Microsoft and Pharmacy Together – level 3

25-01-2019 07:00

Microsoft and Walgreens, America’s second largest pharmacy store chain, are working together for the next seven years to create initiatives in digital health care.

The hope is to use Microsoft’s technology to improve health care in Walgreens’ stores and to lower the costs. Walgreens will test twelve ‘digital health corners’ that will sell devices for health care and Microsoft will be Walgreens’ online services provider.

The other part of the project is to lower Amazon’s influence in health by providing more options. Last year, Amazon acquired an online pharmacy called Pill Pack as it moves into the prescription drug market. Pharmacy CVS responded by acquiring health insurance company Aetna, and both CVS and Walgreens then launched next-day prescription delivery services.

Difficult words: initiative (a new and exciting project), acquire (buy and add onto an already existing company), launch (start).

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