More Protests in Hong Kong – level 3

07-01-2020 07:00

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Hong Kong for a New Year’s Day protest. The protest was originally authorized by Hong Kong officials, but after some protesters clashed with police, that permission was quickly withdrawn.

According to the police, some protesters set fires, damaged stores, and threw bricks, but the organizers of the protest denied that report, saying that the police just wanted to separate Hong Kongers.

Demonstrations, which started from a controversial extradition law, have lasted for over six months.

Officials from 18 countries urged the Hong Kong leader to deal with the protesters’ demands; however, Hong Kong’s government said that its priority is to stop violence and restore social order as soon as possible.

Difficult words: withdraw (to take back), extradition (the act of returning someone for a trial to another country where they were accused of a crime), restore (to bring back a previous state or situation), social order (how people behave in a country).

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