New Recyclable Plastic – level 3

24-05-2019 15:00

To create plastic products, people combine the plastic with additives which make recycling difficult.

Usually, people combine plastic products together and grind them up to make a new recycled plastic that is not easy to reuse. This is not very helpful for recycling.

Berkeley Lab in California made a new type of plastic which solves this problem. The lab calls the new plastic PDK. When people put it into a high-acid solution, the plastic is separate from the other chemicals. Then people can truly recycle and reuse the plastic.

The scientists hope that PDK will help keep plastics out of landfills and oceans.

Difficult words: additive (a thing that people add/put in to help create something), grind (cut up in very tiny pieces) high-acid solution (a mixture with a lot of acid—acid helps to dissolve or break up things).

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