North Korea Missile – level 3

16-10-2019 15:00

Last Thursday, several members of the EU complained that North Korea launched a submarine ballistic missile.

At the UN Security Council earlier this week, members requested that North Korea get rid of all its nuclear weapons and to give proof. A spokesman of North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said that the other countries did not condemn the US for their October 2nd launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

North Korea says that the Trump Administration is manipulating the others members. The spokesman said that North Korea may decide to use long-range missiles again.

The statement comes after North Korea denuclearization talks with the US stopped last weekend because American officials made no proposals at the negotiating table.

Difficult words: ballistic (a thing that flies quickly through the air, usually used for fighting), condemn (formally disapprove of something), intercontinental (between continents), denuclearization (remove or prohibit nuclear weapons from a country, region, or other place).

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