Panama Sends Politician Back – level 3

15-01-2018 07:00

The ex-governor of Quintana Roo in Mexico, Roberto Borge, fled to Panama as a fugitive to avoid corruption charges.

The country took him to court while he was there and he denied accusations against him. He stayed in custody for six months before Panama decided to extradite him to Mexico.

Borge will stand trial for selling land that the state owned at a fraction of its real price. He is the third ex-governor from the Mexican president’s party to receive corruption accusations against him.

Difficult words: fugitive (a person who avoids the police after he or she is charged of possibly doing something), deny (to say that someone did not do something illegal), accusation (a statement that someone did something illegal), custody (prison), extradite (send a person who is accused of a crime back to the country where he or she left), a fraction (a small part).

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