People and Vaccines – level 3

08-07-2019 07:00

British researchers surveyed over 140,000 people in over 140 countries to learn their opinions on vaccines. Overall, 80 per cent of people said that vaccines are safe and 84 per cent said that they are effective.

However, poorer countries are more certain about vaccines than richer countries. France had the lowest percentage of people who trust vaccines and North America had 72 per cent.

The researchers say that vaccine scepticism is higher where vaccines used to prevent diseases that recently have come back. This is because less people there are giving the vaccines to their children. The WHO said that vaccine hesitancy is one of the top 10 problems in global health this year. The researchers want to continue studying this issue.

Difficult words: survey (ask people a question), scepticism (being unsure about something), hesitancy (being unsure, not doing something).

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