Plastic in food – level 1

23-12-2022 15:00

Microplastics are very small pieces of plastics. We cannot see them. They are everywhere. They are in the oceans and in the soil, too.

British researchers find how much microplastics are in the traditional Christmas dinner. They cook two dinners. The ingredients for one dinner are wrapped in plastic. The ingredients for the second dinner come in no plastic.

The first dinner has a lot more plastic than the second one. 230,000 pieces of microplastic are in it. If people eat this dinner every day, they will eat two plastic bags.

Experts say that in 20 years, three times as much plastic will be on Earth. People can slow down this problem. They can buy less things in plastic.

Difficult words: soil (the part of Earth in which plants grow), traditional (something that people do for a long time without change), ingredient (any of the foods which make a dish or meal).

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