Protests in France Continue – level 3

14-12-2018 15:00

For two weeks across France, people have been protesting and making public demonstrations.

The Cilet Jaunes (‘Yellow Vests’) started as a fuel tax protest, but now authorities say that far-right extremists are co-opting them. Authorities are also condemning the spread and the violence of all of these protests.

This weekend, a march of 17,000 climate protesters peacefully walked through Paris, but after the march, smaller groups of protesters began to riot. Some wore yellow vests. Police arrested hundreds of protesters after they destroyed a sports shop at the Place de la Republique.

Difficult words: far-right extremist (a person who wants a government to support only its people and thinks that they are superior people who should rule other people), co-opt (adopt someone else’s idea for your use), condemn (say that you really do not like something), riot (throw and break things in the streets and attack people).

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