Report Blames Boeing – level 3

13-03-2020 15:00

An interim report said that design flaws in a Boeing 737 Max plane caused an Ethiopian Airlines plane to crash last year.

The crash killed all 157 people on board, and it occurred several months after a Boeing 737 Max plane with an Indonesian airline also crashed, which also killed all 189 people on board. Both planes were new.

The report said that the Ethiopian plane had no technical issues. However, the report found that its speed and altitude alerts and an automated safety feature to stop the plane from stopping in the air did not work.

An earlier report also said that the safety feature pushed the nose of the plane down based on incorrect information. The Indonesian plane also had the safety feature.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), families of the victims, and pilots are in lawsuits or have fines against Boeing.

Difficult words: interim (early, temporary), altitude (how high something is), nose (the front of the plane which looks like a nose).

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