Rhino Embryos – level 2

17-09-2019 07:00

There are five kinds of rhinos on the planet, and all of them are endangered. One of the reasons is poaching because poachers hunt rhinos as people from Asia buy their horns.

The most endangered kind of rhino is the northern white rhino. Sudan was the last male northern white rhino, and he died in 2018. Now, there are only two northern white rhinos left. They are both female.

Scientists are trying to save the northern white rhino. They took two eggs from the female rhinos, and they fertilized them with frozen sperm. They created two northern white rhino embryos, and they hope that they can save the white rhino.

Difficult words: endangered (in danger of dying out), poach (to illegally hunt or catch animals), fertilize (make a female’s egg start to turn into a baby), embryo (a very small baby; you can put embryos into other females so they can grow into bigger babies).

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