Robots can reproduce – level 2

09-12-2021 15:00

US scientists made the first living robots which looked like the computer game character Pac Man. An AI made the robots, which scientists called Xenobots, and they were the first robots which could reproduce or make copies of themselves.

Scienists made the robots from skin cells from frog eggs. They put the cells together, and the cells started to move in water. They formed into pellets, and scientists wanted to see what would happen if they changed some pellets with more frog cells. They did this, and a few days later, the pellets started to reproduce.

The way that the robots reproduced is very different, as no plants or animals do it this way. Scientists are now deciding how they can use this technology. It is clear that there will be strict rules about it in the future.

Difficult words: AI (Artificial intelligence, when computers or other machines can do things which people usually do), cell (the smallest part of a living thing), pellet (a small rounded piece of a thing).

You can watch the original video in the Level 3 section.

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