Russia and EU Elections – level 3

21-06-2019 15:00

In May, the EU held elections to the European Parliament, and the most people came to vote since 1994. Many people voted for parties that favour countries’ independent rights, but most people still voted for pro-EU politicians.

Now, the EU says that it has evidence that Russian groups tried to influence those elections. The EU’s report found disinformation activity from Russia that tried to suppress people from voting, change their views, or polarise people.

The report said that some social media companies tried to help fight the disinformation, but ‘more needs to be done to protect’ the processes. The report did not blame the Russian government directly, neither did it say if the disinformation actually changed how people voted.

Difficult words: disinformation (fake information that looks like real information), suppress (stop, slow down), polarise (turn people into groups through extreme views).

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