Security for Harry and Meghan – level 3

04-03-2020 15:00

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, will lose security provided by the Canadian government. This change is caused by the couple’s decision to step back from their royal duties that will officially happen on March 31.

Canadian police have been assisting UK police with Harry and Meghan’s security since their six-week holiday break in Canada last year. However, this will change once the couple stops their official duties for the Queen.

A poll conducted in January found out that nearly 75% of Canadians believed that taxpayer money should not be used to pay for the couple’s security.

Harry and Meghan will continue to be classified as internationally protected people. This means that they will be provided armed security when they are in the UK.

Difficult words: poll (a study in which people are asked for their opinions about something), taxpayer (someone who pays taxes to the government), classify (to say what type of person, animal, or thing someone or something is).

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