Situation in Spain – level 3

10-10-2017 07:00

Catalonia, a region in Spain where the capital is Barcelona, held a referendum on its secession from Spain. The Spanish government said that the referendum was illegal and ordered the national police to stop people from voting.

Videos and photos emerged on the Internet showing the national police hurting the people in an attempt to stop the referendum. It is said that the police hurt around 900 people. Naturally, many criticised these practices, including the Catalonians themselves in the streets.

In a stark contrast to the violence, there were videos after the conflict of the Spanish and Catalan police officers hugging each other before the departure of the Spanish national police from Catalonia.

The situation has altogether calmed down for now. People held peaceful protests in Barcelona, calling for a dialogue over the Catalonian independence. The protesters were carrying signs that said ‘let’s talk’, and ‘violence no, talking yes’.

Catalan authorities have said the ‘yes’ for secession won by a landslide.

Difficult words: secession from Spain (leaving Spain and becoming a new country), emerge (be on the Internet), in an attempt (trying to), stark (sharp), by a landslide (by majority).

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