Skewer in Boy’s Head – level 3

29-03-2023 15:00

In Missouri, USA, Xavier Cunningham climbed in a tree when insects attacked him, and he fell onto a meat skewer which went into his skull.

It passed by major arteries in his brain, and doctors at the University of Kansas Health System were able to remove it.

About 100 people worked on helping Xavier. Brain surgeons, ENT surgeons, paediatric ICU doctors, trauma doctors, and anaesthesia doctors helped him. The doctors said that his survival was ‘miraculous’.

Difficult words: skewer (a thin, long piece of metal that people use to cook meat or vegetables), artery (a very big tube that passes blood throughout the body), ENT (ear-nose-throat), paediatric (relating to children), ICU (intensive care unit—where someone goes in a hospital when something very serious happens), miraculous (like a miracle – magical, amazing).

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