Soccer Players Help – level 3

06-04-2020 15:00

The soccer star, Lionel Messi, and his teammates from FC Barcelona are taking a 70% pay cut.

According to a statement from the club, the players agreed to a salary reduction to help pay non-sporting FC Barcelona employees who are feeling the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak. The club said that the players’ contributions, along with additional funds from the club itself, will cover 100% of the salaries.

Messi is one of the world’s highest paid soccer players, and it is estimated that the pay cut could cost him about $50 million dollars. He said that he understands the exceptional situation, and he has always been ready to support the club when he felt that it was necessary or important.

Similar financial cutbacks happen in other clubs throughout Europe, as European countries continue to fight the coronavirus.

Difficult words: contribution (a payment made for a specific purpose), fund (a sum of money available for a specific purpose), cutback (a reduction that is made to save money).

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