Statue Looks Like Doctor – level 3

17-04-2020 15:00

Rio de Janeiro’s iconic statue, Christ the Redeemer, took a new look to pay tribute to Brazil’s health workers who are fighting COVID-19. This is the second time that the statue has been lit up in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

This time, the statue was lit up on Easter Sunday evening, and it was shown as a doctor. A message to stay at home was also projected onto the statue during the tribute, as well as images of local medical staff, international flags, and messages of hope in different languages. The city’s archbishop performed a mass at the base of the statue during the light show, in which he praised front line medical workers who face everyday threat of infection.

Brazil has more than 22,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, as global cases climbed to over 1.8 million people.

Difficult words: iconic (a very famous and popular image or thing that people regard as a symbol of something), pay tribute (to officially show respect and praise), mass (a religious ceremony).

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