Streaming in the US – level 3

21-11-2019 07:00

For the first time ever, more Americans pay for digital streaming than cable or satellite TV. Reports say that in 2018 income for digital streaming services increased to $16.3 billion.

In the US, there are more Netflix subscriptions than there are cable TV subscriptions. In the past, platforms like HBO Now or Netflix needed to convince the American public to cancel cable or satelite TV and pay for streaming videos.

Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus are newcomers to the streaming industry; however, Disney Plus is one of the biggest competitors of the streaming industry ever. Experts say that this is because Netflix paved the way for the other competitors and Disney seized this opportunity.

Difficult words: subscription (an amount of money that is paid regularly to receive a product or service), newcomer (a person or company that is new in a particular situation), pave the way (to make easier for others), seize the opportunity (take advanatage of something).

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