Sudan Ex-Leader – level 3

20-12-2019 15:00

Omar al-Bashir was Sudan’s former president, and in April, the military took him out of his position. When he was the leader, people said that he had committed war crimes.

Bashir is now in trials for several crimes. Recently, a judge found Bashir guilty of corruption and for illegally keeping foreign money. The judge gave him two years of detention in a reform facility instead of a prison.

Sudanese law says that anyone over 70 does not go to prison if his crime is not punishable by death. Bashir is 75.

However, Bashir has to stay in a maximum security prison now while the trials happen because one of the trials is about if he killed protesters; that crime could be punishable by death. If he is not guilty, he will go to a reform facility.

Difficult words: commit war crimes (to do terrible crimes against people during a war), detention (a place to keep someone while people decide what to do with that person), reform facility (a place that is nicer than a prison where prisoners can learn how to be better people).

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