Sudan Prime Minister Attacked – level 3

16-03-2020 15:00

Local media report that the Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdalla Hamdok, survived an assassination attempt.

Hamdok was traveling to his office in the capital city, Khartoum, when his convoy was hit with explosives and gunfire. Reports say that a security officer was injured in the attack.

The attack comes as the country is undergoing a transformation to civilian rule, following the ousting of Sudan’s former president in April last year. On social media, Hamdok assured people that he was well and healthy. He said that what happened will not stop the changes in the country.

Police are investigating who could be responsible for the attack.

Difficult words: assassination attempt (when somebody tries to kill a famous or important person), convoy (a group of vehicles or cars that travel together to be safe), civilian rule (when a non-military government rules a country, and it is usually guided by a constitution), ousting (when somebody is forced to leave a place or position).

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