Taiwan President – level 3

17-01-2020 15:00

The Taiwanese people re-elected Tsai Ing-wen as president in a landslide victory due to her tough attitude against China, which claims that Taiwan is its territory. She won 57.2% of the vote compared to her challenger who won 38.6% of the vote.

After Tsai won, she said to the people and the Chinese government that “peace, parity, democracy, and dialogue” are crucial to stability, and Taiwan will not give in to threats from China.

China has not wanted Taiwan to become independent and has tried to isolate Taiwan during Tsai’s first time as president. China stopped formally working with Taiwan’s government, allowed fewer Chinese tourists to visit Taiwan, and did not invite Taiwanese representatives to international meetings.

Difficult words: landslide (a large amount), parity (equality), dialogue (when two groups or people speak to one another to resolve problems).

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