Technology Conference – level 3

13-01-2020 15:00

The annual trade show of consumer electronics, CES, is starting in Las Vegas. Over 100,000 people and 4,500 vendors showing the newest innovations are spreading across the Las Vegas Strip.

This show is about a lot more than seeking the latest news in technology. There is a lot of business happening too, as household companies try to figure out what to put in their stores. Visitors can watch big trends, such as the growth of 5G, the utility of autonomous cars, and privacy.

Tech innovators start connecting everything that people own to cyberspace, and they are building a digital trail of people’s lives. Everything that a person owns could have some sort of interaction with the network. This has some advantages; however, it also means a loss of privacy at some level, and the question remains who has access to that information.

Difficult words: vendor (a person or company that sells goods or services), trend (an interesting thing that many people copy or follow), utility (the state of being useful), interaction (a process when more people or things communicate with each other).

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