The brightest object in the universe – level 3

26-02-2024 15:00

Astronomers have identified the most luminous object ever observed in the far reaches of space, named J0529-4351.

Detected by the Very Large Telescope in Chile, this object is a quasar, shining 500 trillion times brighter than the Sun. It hosts the fastest-growing black hole ever recorded, consuming mass equal to one Sun daily. Initially mistaken for a nearby star, J0529-4351’s true distance of 12 billion light-years emphasizes its intrinsic brightness.

Quasars like this one, with supermassive black holes at their cores, challenge existing theories about the early universe’s formation. The discovery underscores the mystery of how such massive black holes formed so early in cosmic history. Scientists speculate that these findings may provide insights into the fundamental nature of black hole formation shortly after the Big Bang.

Difficult words: luminous (emitting a lot of light), quasar (a highly energetic distant celestial object), intrinsic (natural, essential).

You can watch the video news lower on this page.

What implications do the recent findings of J0529-4351 have for our understanding of black hole formation and the early universe?


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