Trump Visits Iraq – level 3

31-12-2018 15:00

A day after Christmas, President Trump gave his first visit to troops in a war zone when he and First Lady Melania Trump gave a surprise visit to US troops in Iraq. The Trumps spent three hours with the troops to thank them for their service.

The president also spoke with reporters about the government shut-down back in the US, and he implied that the shut-down would continue until he gets funding for a Mexico-US border. He added that he has no plans to remove the troops from Iraq.

A week ago, he said that he would remove troops from Syria. People believe that when the US leaves, some factions in the Syrian war will fight among themselves. The US is unclear how it will leave Syria and if it will continue to support the war through other means.

Difficult words: troops (soldiers), government shut-down (when the government closes until the leaders agree on a problem), imply (suggest), faction (a group).

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